Transforming the (Star Wars) Relationship between Hasbro and the LEGO Group

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When I heard the rumours of an upcoming official LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime set, I was more than a little surprised, as this would mean that Hasbro and LEGO would need to work with each other, with both companies making money from Hasbro’s IP. However, the rumours proved to be true and the set was officially announced earlier today, and is available to purchase from June st.

Star Wars fans will know that the relationship between LEGO and Hasbro has been a little strained since LEGO put out three sets of minifigures in 2000. Those around at the time remember reports of Hasbro being a little upset at the release of these sets, because they felt that LEGO was encroaching on their own Star Wars license for action figures by selling minifigures which weren’t part of a full LEGO construction set.

Since then, the only time we have got LEGO Star Wars minifigures on their own has been as a promotional item and the closest we’ve come to being able to buy multiple minifigures cheaply is in LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs, which contain some form of construction along with a selection of minifigures. Hasbro also owns the licence for Marvel action figures but that did not seem to stop the LEGO Group from being able to produce a series of minifigures from the recent Marvel Disney+ shows.

A LEGO Star Wars minifigure series is very much desired among fans, but it has remained elusive… until now; perhaps the possibility can now be discussed, since Hasbro and LEGO are finally working together to bring out a brick built official Generation 1 Optimus Prime.

During an interview with the designers of the new Optimus Prime set earlier this week, we learnt that Hasbro approached the LEGO Group with the idea for creating this set based on Optimus Prime. Incidentally, the designer of this LEGO set, Joseph Patrick Kyde, used to work at Hasbro as part of the Transformers team before moving to the LEGO Group as a senior designer.

Whatever happens next, this is obviously a pivotal moment in the relationship between the two companies — dare I say even transformative. However, this need not be a one-way street with the LEGO Group producing Transformers sets for Hasbro; Hasbro could also benefit from making and selling some LEGO Star Wars items — a life-size Black Series Force FX Elite version of a LEGO Star Wars lightsaber (I would be first in the line for that), or how about a wearable LEGO Star Wars X-wing helmet? There are numerous possibilities and we look forward to what the future may bring.

Share with us what crossover items would you like to see made?

LEGO Optimus Prime (#10302) is available to all from June 1st. Please support Jedi News by purchasing your LEGO here for the UKUSA and Canada –happy building!

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