Wax Seals for All Your Regencycore Needs

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Not too long ago, I ordered an item off Etsy and with it, the seller had included a thank you note, complete with a wax seal. It was a small touch and yet, it felt so fancy. In an era where it’s easy to feel frustrated by mail — it’s bills or ads or ads with bills — that tiny flair for the decadent made the entire package feel so thoughtful. It got me thinking a lot about how we’ve seen a love of love for all things Regency this year, including a huge viewership and subsequent readership for Bridgerton.

Regencycore is, along with dark academia, goblincore, cottagecore, and more, an aesthetic that encourages leaning into one’s interests and passions. In this case, it’s for all things Regency-era inspired, including romance, signature silhouettes, sexiness, and more. We can absolutely thank Bridgerton for making this happen, and we can thank Regencycore for an uptick in things like letter writing and all of the flourishes and finery that can come with handwritten notes.

This, of course, includes gorgeous wax seals.

Whether you’re a hardcore letter writer, a periodic mail sender, or are looking ahead to sending out holiday cards, be it for winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, or other card-friendly occasions, consider adding some wax stamps to add an extra special touch. Wax seals come in so many clever designs and chances are, once you pick one, you’ll fall in love and may want to dabble in becoming a wax seal collector.

Let’s take a look at some options for beautiful wax seals for all of your Regencycore needs. Some of these will be self-adhesive wax seals and others will require you select some gorgeous wax to use with the stamp.

Leave a Mark With These Wax Seals

I’m swooning over how beautiful and simple this eucalyptus branch wax seal is. $1 and up.

Monograms abound when it comes to wax seals, so why not get your own in a gorgeous, scripty font? Lots of colors to choose from for these self-adhesives. Starting at $1.

This might be a seal stamper I need to own: it’s a gorgeous honey bee seal. $10

A big, beautiful magnolia flower! This stamper comes with your choice of wax colors, too, to get your stamping on ASAP. $35

Letter writing levels up with this sword and rose wax seal. $12 and up.

How perfect is this celestial wax seal? The answer is absolutely perfect. $6 and up.

Mix and match aesthetics with this goblincore meets dark academia meets regency core mushroom seal. $6

I love puns and I love things that are meta. So combine this lovely pun with getting meta about snail mail and I’m in. What a fun snail mail seal and stamp. $5 and up.

You can elect to get seals or a stamp with this absolutely stunning celestial + floral seal. I’m obsessed with the green and gold combo. $2 and up.

A dreamy stamper for those who love cats and the moon phases. The colors on the wax seal itself are SO good. $6 and up.

Maybe you’re looking for the chance to make your pet the star of their own wax stamp. Good news: you can do just that. $13 and up.

Use this snowflake stamper for all of your winter festivities, from weddings to parties or holiday cards. $15 and up.

Sweet, sweet snake! Slither your way to some fancy mail with this snake wax seal/stamper. $5 and up.

Like old school note passing and classroom shenanigans, this paper airplane wax seal stamp is just a lot of fun. $6 and up.

A deliciously-inspired sprinkle wax seal sticker. $1

This shop has a whole host of tarot card inspired wax seals, including this fun rabbit. $4 and up.

Dino ROAR. $5

Nothing could be more classic than a gorgeous feather wax seal, and the color choices on this one are especially solid. $2 and up.

Can’t decide on your perfect wax seal? Pick up a variety pack like the one above and play around without feeling like you need to pick just one. $5

No letter writing journey would be complete without the perfect stationery kit, so stock up on some gorgeous paper goods, too.

– Kelly Jensen

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