What Social Media Account Brings You Joy?

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Sometimes social media can be a major drag, but other times, there are channels, accounts, and creative collections that utterly make my day.

So I asked the SBTB crew for recommendations, and the answers added 7683% more delight to my scroll time!

NB: did the IG and other embeds work consistently? Nope, sure didn’t. Do I know why? Nope. So I’ve provided alternate images from each account. Please click through to see the accounts and other images on their respective sites!

I guessed Amanda’s right away, from mentions on prior podcasts:

Amanda, is Nonbinary Frog your pick?

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Amanda:  Yes!

Tara: Mine is definitely Gender of the Day

Today’s gender is a delightful roomba.

— gender of the day (@genderoftheday) September 27, 2021

Elyse: This Instagram account’s aesthetic calls to my witchy soul:



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Shana: Melissa Dilkes Pateras on TikTok is a soothing corner of domestic competence. Watching her renovate or clean something always cheers me up.

Oh, here’s a great example: folding baby clothes, looking like a romance heroine.

Click to view on TikTok


Catherine: Ursula Vernon on Twitter (@UrsulaV). Wonderful combination of weird anecdotes, clever and funny one-liners and kitten photos.

Ellen: @round.boys on Instagram! 100% round animal content



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What about you? What one (ONE) social media account do you know will always lift your day a little? You can only pick one! So please, tell us your absolute top favorite! And cheers to happy, delightful social media scrolling for everyone.

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