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Choose Your Own Adventure

I was a latchkey kid in the eighties and lived with my mom after my parents divorced. We never had any extra money to do big vacations, but my mother was a library superuser and every other Saturday we hit the racks. She filled a canvas bag with romances (which at one time I made fun of), and I filled mine with chooseyourownadventures and National Geographic magazines. I always had lofty goals of traveling and seeing different landscapes and meeting people who didn’t look like me, who spoke beautiful, exotic languages and ate beautiful, exotic dishes. And, of course, I dreamed.

I married an adventurer and 23 years ago, we had a son with the happiest, kindest personality I’ve ever known. He was always willing to try new and different things and never cared that we made our own adventures, because I made an adventure of everything from going to the grocery store to heading to the beach for the day. He’s the one who coined our family phrase of Adventuring, and it’s become our mantra. Nowadays we love to Adventure in far off lands, but we didn’t always have great salaries or hotel and airline points, so the concept of Adventuring was fundamental to our happiness. And you know what: Adventuring doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. You can go Adventuring anywhere, anytime. You’ve just got to shift your thinking and use your noodle.

Plan a hike on Black Friday rather than joining the shopping fray. Take the scenic route to the library. Pack a picnic and ride your bike to the closest park on New Year’s Day to set the tone for an active, outdoor year. Stow a lawn chair in your trunk so you can eat lunch in the parking lot at work on a pretty day. Create a playlist and drive along a rural route. Lay in a field and watch the clouds pass overhead. Set a movie night and invite friends to watch it in the driveway. Check out the farmers markets in your community. Choose a different country each month to learn about and cook something from its local cuisine. Work from a different room in your house, or switch home offices with your bestie for the day. Practice a new language. Learn to knit. Read an exciting romantic suspense like Mine ByDesign, that’s full of political intrigue and corrupt family dynasties. Adventuring is a state of mind. Don’t wait for the big, sweeping vacations in picture-perfect countries … Adventuring is the most significant when you need it the most.

When Abby Markham witnesses the murder of a local cop with ties to a political dynasty, she finds herself not only in the crosshairs of a killer, but also on the radar of a powerful US senator. The clock is ticking for her survival, and Detective Ben Owens knows the best way to keep Abby safe is to keep her close. But as the danger escalates, so does their attraction. With their backs against the wall, Ben and Abby will risk everything to make sure she survives the dangerous web of political corruption, lies, and deceit.

Becky Moore is a lifelong southerner with a penchant for storytelling and a propensity to try anything at least once. As a result, she can make an adventure out of any situation. She loves to read and write contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. In her down time, and in the real world, Becky loves to spend time with her husband and son. They live in the urban wilds of central North Carolina. She’s an avid gardener, hiker, kayaker, bicyclist, swimmer, and community volunteer. She spent over a dozen years working as a writer, graphic artist, photographer and PR whiz in the pharmaceutical, hi-tech, performing arts, and HIV/AIDS (grantwriting) fields before venturing into her current status of author, freelance writer and adjunct instructor.

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