Woke TVC Packaging Revealed?

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A while back, a mock-up of what a TVC figure might look like was posted on The Vintage Collection Facebook group (image below). Well, our friends at Star Wars Figuren came across new information from someone with inside knowledge that says that this render was NOT FAR OFF and that we’ve essentially been revealed what the new packaging will look like thanks to this mock-up. Click through for more of what horror may be coming to TVC collectors. If this is eventually confirmed as the way Hasbro is going to treat the collector-focused line, then “see ya!” I’m done because I can’t collect a line like this. The “vintage Kenner-styled” line has been in existence for 45 years. Maybe they should stop producing the figures if they’re so concerned about plastic production. And before you say “you don’t throw away the figures,” at some point, someone will, and there are still such things as carded collectors.

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You’re not far off. I’ve actually seen the new packaging. Someone (a contracted dealer/owner of a very well-known and popular fan channel) with inside knowledge slipped me a sneak peek. It’s not rounded as you depict. It’s actually squared off with tabs going through the card and secured with tamper-proof tape. It will soon be revealed as the new packaging.

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